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let me bleed again

so yeah, i havent felt like keeping this shit. So i havent been updating,obviously. a lot of ppls lj crap is pretty depressing, so i thought i would join in on the fun...

i wish i was a kid again
cuz i feel like i have been like this forever
nothing mattered
and it was *peaceful
i wish i had the courage to just leave
and i admire the ppl that did
everyones different now
or fake
or not as fun
or boring as fuck

i want the rush back, but i cant do it ne more
cuz no one will do it with me

its overcast outside and weather affects my mood
and if i describe my true feelings my enemy ppl will leave some nasty ass comment, which will just make me want to kill them more

and plus whats the point of spilling out too ppl if no one cares... ah well

oh yeah im leaving for hong kong in 10 days
with by far one of the chillest fucking person in the world
gotta love ariel

hopefully those asians will make me feel better

allyouneedislove <--- arrrg
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