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webo splash you sexy muther fucker

so yeah i forgot i had one of these

until the lovely jennifer reminded me..

i was gonna go to the tacit concert on friday.. but i heard it was impossible to get in.. god damn jews.. tell me if it was any good if you got in..:)

YESTERDAY,  jenna, kelley and moi saw the excorsist the begining.. dum dum dumm.. i didnt think it was that creepy, except for the part where they had to give the possesed boy a shot... needles make me ~cringe~  but jenna was squeezing my leg the whole movie so i lost some blood flow for about two hours or so.. oh yeah.. and the god damnnn air conditoner kept coming on so kelley and i were forced under my jacket on top of eachother for warmth .. poor jenna wanted to join in on the orgi, but she has a leg fetish instead.. ♥

after the movie we went our seperate ways.. and i decided to watch blow cuz it is my favortieness movie.. SO i was watching Johnny Depp and his crack.. & while i was in my horny place some evil ppl kept calling my cell phone speaking spanish.. por k? ello? ello? ello? die die die.. im gonna egg those fuckers as soon as i find  out who they are.. are you ready for a rumble britt?

okay im done..♥


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