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this is devoted 2: Away Laughing on a Fast Camel~truley brilliant

fabbity fab fab, i have just returned from the marvey harry potter, with lovely alyssa,it was magnifique, obviously...Malfoy and his gorgenosity is piercing my eyes with glee... mmmmm yummy scromboes

oi vay,& double merde, mutti is being a whore, yet again, i truley do try to be patient(ish) with her but she is truley living in the land of the terminally deluded and criminally insane... Shes like my own personal Satan, poor thing, we all know that Satan has ended up standing on his head in poo with hot swords up his bum-oley.

on this nippy noodles morning i was awoken by my horny fellow friend that sleeps with moi,mufasa,(cat) his unmistakeable and incredibly large bum was lightly planted on my face(joy)(whatamorningwakeruper)Im going to find him a lover,poor thing hasn't even lost his flower yet, i think i shall make him his own sex toy jesus doll(he blesses no messes...maybe)

or maybe george will do

bloody hell i have hit my right basooma on my the pain
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