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2 asia i go

well i just got back from the movies with britt and kelley and lisa and jenna, saying goodbye to my fucking brilliant friends...
i <3 you all

i have 2 wake up bloody early for hong kong, but i dont mind, ariel and i are going to have a STUPENDOUS time...
i feel bad tho that i dont get to see the ppl that i have wanted to chill with all summer long... oi vay...
britt we didnt get to hang out as much as we should of
and ariel, your just across the street not that much of an effort...sometimes
and kelley you cant leave once i get back because that just isnt right and im sure its illegal in some states *i hope* haha
& jenna i saw you 2 much so its okay
& lisa 2 lol no you can never have enough of my ll stever and lee lee
& jen we must get together okay? and have long meaningfull conversations, about our completly tragic and painful lifes, as we waste away on some alcoholic substance... sounds like a plan 2 me.♥

ill post pictures for everybody,of me and ariel and the big buddha that them fucking brilliant asians created... where are all the smart ppl in america?! oh yes i forgot, we dont have any
i feel like im going shoppin for the whole world down there... my god im a slave... but i dont mind

because right now im in a loving mood... hopefully im spreading the joy...

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